9 Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

Why You May Need a Comments Plugin for Your Website

WordPress is used to build many types of websites, but it’s still incredibly popular for blogs and similar projects. If you want to create a strong readership or community of any sort, WordPress is an excellent choice.

9 Best Comment Plugins for WordPress

The nine plugins below offer a wide variety of different improvements to your WordPress comments. We’ve selected them based on their diversity of features, as well as their reviews, ratings, and popularity. We’ve also made sure to choose plugins that are frequently updated by their developers, so you can feel confident that they won’t negatively impact your site.

1. Jetpack Comments

The Jetpack plugin.
The Jetpack Comments settings.
  • Enable users to comment using a WordPress.com, Facebook, or Google account
  • Add pop-up business cards for users’ Gravatars
  • Turn on Markdown for comments
  • Let users “like” comments
  • Set up comment subscriptions

2. Akismet

The Akismet plugin.
Marking a comment as spam in WordPress.
  • View each comment’s status history
  • Show links in the comment body so you can remove suspicious ones
  • See the number of approved comments for each user
  • Discard the worst comments so they don’t take up space in your database

3. WordPress Comments Import & Export

The WordPress Comments Import & Export plugin.
The WordPress Comments Import & Export settings.
  • Filter comments for export by date or title
  • Import and export WooCommerce product comments
  • Schedule automatic comment imports and exports
  • Merge identical imported and existing comments to prevent duplicates

4. Disable Comments

The Disable Comments plugin.
Removing the Discussion settings from WordPress with the Disable Comments plugin.
  • Remove comment-related widgets from your site
  • Disable comment RSS feeds
  • Delete the X-Pingback HTTP header from your site
  • Turn off outgoing pingbacks

5. Fancy Comments

The Fancy Comments plugin.
A Facebook comment box on a WordPress blog post.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • Facebook comments widget and shortcode to display comments anywhere on your site
  • Comment sorting
  • Option to choose which posts, pages, and custom post types feature Facebook comments
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress

6. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

The Subscribe Comments Reloaded plugin.
Customizing the comment subscription emails.
  • Turn off comment subscriptions for specific content
  • Enable users to suspend notifications for one post or all content
  • Show a subscription confirmation message so you don’t spam users’ inboxes
  • Enable subscriptions to all comments or replies only

7. Comment Link Remove and Other Comment Tools

The Comment Link Remove plugin.
The comment submission form with the Website field removed.
A comment with hyperlinking disabled.
  • Disable comments across your site
  • Hide existing comments
  • Delete multiple comments from the moderation queue with one click
  • Display post update dates

8. wpDiscuz

The wpDiscuz plugin.
The wpDiscuz comment form layout options.
The wpDiscuz inline commenting feature.
  • Social commenting and social login
  • Real-time comment updates
  • Five-star article rating system
  • Read more buttons for long comments, and View replies buttons for comment threads
  • Author notifications and comment subscriptions
  • Smart comment voting system with cookie tracking

9. WP Discourse

The WP Discourse plugin.
The WP Discourse comments settings.
  • Automatically publish WordPress content to Discourse
  • Sync author accounts between WordPress and Discourse
  • Embed forum discussions in your blog posts
  • Log in to Discourse via WordPress using Single Sign On (SSO)


Whether you’re looking to gain more control over your WordPress comments settings or you want to integrate your site with a community platform, there’s a plugin that can help. With the right tool, you can boost user engagement and prevent unruly spam.



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